..... The following applies to every adoption opportunity presented by AdoptLink.

TRUTH IN INFORMATION. AdoptLink may obtain information about adoption situations from the expectant mother/father or the referring adoption professional assisting an expectant mother concerning, but not limited to, medical, genetic, mental, psychological, emotional, IQ, and social history, use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol before and during pregnancy, financial status or needs, insurance coverage, etc.; or the  identity, medical, genetic, mental, psychological, emotional, IQ, and social history, or whereabouts of alleged and/or presumed birthfather/s, etc. AdoptLink does not perform investigative services and cannot corroborate or guarantee the veracity of any information received, including criminal or legal history. Every adoption contains a high degree of risk in all areas, including but not limited to financial, emotional, and legal matters, the current and / future health and wellbeing of the child, etc. AdoptLink has no contractual obligation whatsoever to research or report arrest or conviction history. Arrest/conviction history is not relevant to adoption proceedings or to the child being adopted. If Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) want to hire a private investigator to conduct a background search concerning birthparents, they may do so.

AdoptLink has not presented itself as, and is not a private or public licensed adoption agency, licensed psychotherapist or counselor, attorney, law firm, adoption service provider (ASP), investigator, nor a social worker. AdoptLink does not place children for adoption, the birthmother/father licensed adoption agency, or licensed attorney
(where permitted by law) places children for adoption. AdoptLink is not licensed to provide legal, therapeutic, or investigative services and does not offer or provide services in these or other capacities described in this paragraph.

NO GUARANTEE. AdoptLink makes no representation as to whether or not potential adoption situations will be available to present to Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) in any exact given time frame, that Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) will be considered or selected by a birthmother, nor that any proposed domestic or international adoption plan will be entered into or complete successfully. There is no guarantee that an expectant mother will not lie or commit fraud. Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) understand that AdoptLink cannot and does not give any guarantee as to the final outcome of any adoption plan. 

AdoptLink cannot and does not guarantee the physical, genetic, emotional, mental, medical, or any condition whatsoever of any child or children involved in any adoption.  Furthermore, AdoptLink cannot and does not guarantee that any circumstances whatsoever surrounding any adoption plan (including health, living expenses, etc.) will remain the same as initially presented during any time in the period of the adoption plan.

AdoptLink does not "select" or "match" the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) for the expectant mother nor the expectant mother for the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs). If a expectant mother asks AdoptLink recommend a family this will be done. The expectant mother and the Prospective Adoptive Parents (PAPs) must voluntarily and mutually select/accept each other for the purpose of pursuing and completing an adoption. Or, an adoption agency representative or attorney (where permitted by law) may select/accept an adoptive family if the expectant mother authorizes the adoption agency or attorney to do so.

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