What is AdoptLink?

Thank you for your interest in AdoptLink, and for allowing me to describe the role I would serve in your quest to adopt.

As a mother of four children, two by adoption and two whom I gave birth, and a private-practice adoption educator, facilitator, and consultant since 1989, I understand and am sensitive to the needs and rights of expectant paents, birthparents, children, and adoptive parents. I strive to ensure that everyone is well-informed and treated with the dignity and respect that each deserves.

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AdoptLink, established in 1989, is the first on-line facilitation service in the world to provide a  worldwide central registry of prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) and extensive networking service with adoption professionals throughout the USA.

AdoptLink is paid a flat fee of $5550.00 by PAPs who are interested in locating a child to adopt. Services include worldwide networking with adoption professionals who have access to existing and future domestic adoption situations, education, support, resources, and referrals, for a term of two years, or the completion of the adoption (signed Order of Adoption) of one child or siblings, whichever occurs first.

The existing AdoptLink networking system currently enjoys professional relationships with qualified adoption professionals, primarily private licensed adoption agencies and AAAA adoption attorneys, throughout the United States, who assist unmatched potential birthparents.

Anytime these professionals are working with a qualified adoption opportunity for which they do not have an appropriate client base of PAPs, they may ask AdoptLink to network the opportunity and provide a particular "type" of family - perhaps YOU! For instance, perhaps a pregnant woman in Iowa with a Caucasian baby desires PAPs who live in Northern California, Christian, age 35-40, no children, one stay-at-home parent, willing to share photos and letters. Her adoption professional can automatically meet her request. AdoptLink will hopefully have such PAPs in its client base. If not, AdoptLink will search for PAPs meeting the expectant mother or birthmother's requirements.

AdoptLink will link interested PAPs to expectant parents and birthparents who have already been evaluated by adoption professionals such as attorneys, agencies, therapists, etc. Information collected by these professionals, including assessment of level of commitment, medical, pregnancy, and social background, legal risk, financial requirements, birthfather status, etc. will all be known and available for the PAPs up front. No guess work, no scrambling for information, no pressure to commit on the spot, fewer dead-ends.

Many adoption professionals assisting a potential birthmother will bring you to life by reading your profile letter to her. If you do not have a profile letter prepared, AdoptLink will assist you in writing one that will represent you as well as possible. The selected PAPs will then have a telephone conversation with the expectant mother, and, if mutually agreed upon, meet in person, if possible.

Once a mutual commitment to adoption is made by the expectantmother or birthmother and the PAPs, it is the responsibility of the adoption agency and/or adoption attorney, or other party outside of AdoptLink, to develop, manage, and further facilitate all aspects of the actual adoption plan, offer or provide therapeutic counseling, give legal advice, and complete the adoption process.  AdoptLink is not contractually or otherwise obligated to participate in the creation, implementation or management of any adoption plan, nor in the legal or the social work aspect of any adoption. If there are areas concerning adoption plan development or management that are not being addressed by parties outside AdoptLink, or if the other involved professionals are not available to provide service, AdoptLink will intervene and assist, with matters determined by AdoptLink to be necessary, possible, and appropriate, with no additional fees imposed by AdoptLink for the added service.

If the adoption plan is disrupted, perhaps because the expectant mother or birthmother or the PAPs terminate the adoption plan, for any reason, AdoptLink will reinitiate the process of linking the client with adoption professionals, at no additional charge, per the terms of the AdoptLink Consuling Agreement.

Flexible PAPs often enter into an adoption plan with an expectant mother or birthmother in an average time of  0 - 120 days. PAPs who are flexible regarding race and gender of the child will wait a much shorter period of time than those who stipulates a specific race, gender, birth location, or expenses to be paid to the expectant mother or birthmother, etc.

AdoptLink is engaged solely in the profession of adoption facilitation (consulting), as defined by the State of California, Family Code. "Adoption facilitators may advertise for the purpose of soliciting parties to an adoption or locating children for an adoption, and may act as an intermediary between the parties to an adoption." Adoption facilitation is a private service and is not subject to licensing by the State of California.

AdoptLink is not a private or public licensed adoption agency, licensed psychotherapist or counselor, attorney, law firm, adoption service provider (ASP), investigator, nor a social worker. AdoptLink does not offer or provide services in these or other capacities described in this paragraph.

AdoptLink is engaged solely in the profession of consulting and coordinating your adoption networking efforts concerning your desire to locate a child to adopt. Therefore, please be advised that, for separate and additional fees, you will need to seek the legal advice and services of a competent adoption attorney, and/or a licensed adoption agency, in your state, and/or the state where the expectant parents or birthparents reside in order to assure that you will be able to legally adopt the child PAPs locate. It is not the responsibility of AdoptLink to advise PAPs in the laws or procedures of adoption in your state, nor any other state, nor to engage in the unlicensed practice of law in the field of adoption.

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