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  December 2005

As a mother of four children, two by adoption and two whom I gave birth, and a private-practice adoption educator, and consultant since 1989, I understand and am sensitive to the needs and rights of expectant parents, birthparents, children, and adoptive parents. I strive to ensure that everyone is well-informed and treated with the dignity and respect that each deserves.


  I gave birth to Frank in 1968, and soon thereafter experienced unexplained secondary infertility.

  My husband and I wanted to expand our family and for years tried everything medical science had to offer.

  We decided upon independent open adoption after exploring all adoption options.

  We made our first successful adoption plan with birthparents (through personal networking) two months after initiating our search;
......Matthew was born two months later, May 6, 1989.

  We made our second successful adoption plan with a birthmother (through personal networking) when Matthew was two months old;
.....Allison was born two months later, September 13, 1989.

  We successfully prepared and filed our own legal adoption documents, including Interstate Compact.

  We continue to enjoy wonderful relationships with the birthfamilies of both children and hope for a lifetime of ongoing relationship with them.

  In 1992, I unexpectedly conceived and gave birth to Jessica, adding many new joys and challenges.

Adoption Educator, Consultant Since 1989

  Educated myself throughout our adoption processes and have continued to do so through the present via personal research, professional seminars, and workshops.

  Provide education, resources, referral, and support to anyone interested in any aspect of adoption.

  Guide and assist prospective adoptive parents to create an adoption plan right for them. 

  Provide professionally-screened adoption opportunities.

  Provide document writing assistance and preparation: profile booklet, host profile booklet on the AdoptLink website, and various other adoption-related documents.

  Paralegal experienced in adoption law.

  Known and respected by many adoption professionals nationwide.

  Former guest speaker and panelist for Resolve adoption workshops and symposiums.

  Presented "Adoption After Breast Cancer" at Northern California Cancer Center Annual Conference, 1996.

  Co-founder and legislative contact for the Academy of California Adoption Professionals (ACAP), established in January 1996
.... .ACAP was organization instituted to create professional guidelines, monitor California adoption facilitators, and California adoption law.

  I write and sponsor legislation concerning California adoption law, and lobby the legislation throughout the legislative sessions.  
....  Several bills I've sponsored have been enacted into law. 

Executive Director, South Bay Adoption Support Group (SBASG)

  Nine-year involvement with the SBASG, managing the support group since early 1990
..... (I grew SBASG from about 40 to more than 500 individual members in less than two years).

  Initiating officer who obtained nonprofit 501 - [C] - [3] tax-exempt status for SBASG.

  Creator, writer, editor, publisher of a comprehensive newsletter for SBASG.

  Active in investigating, supporting or opposing state and national legislation regarding adoption.

Author of "The Adoption Connection"

As an adoptive mother, adoption educator and consultant, and Executive Director of the South Bay Adoption Support Group, I found bookstores and libraries void of a book that would provide everyone interested in any aspect of adoption a one-stop resource of how to successfully pursue adoption, and services available, particularly exclusive to California. As prospective adoptive parents, my husband and I lived through months of frustration, attempting to gather comprehensive information we believed necessary before embarking upon the pursuit of building a family through adoption. This book, originally published in 1991, represents a collection of the material I have gathered since that time in our lives. My hope is that it will save those who read it the frustration and anxiety we experienced by not knowing what and who all our options were regarding adoption and adoption professionals. The emphasis of this book is on independent adoption; however there are abundant resources provided for agency and intercountry adoptions as well. The names of persons and organizations are provided for information only, and in no way indicates my endorsement.

The book was published from 1991 through 1996. Because the atmosphere and processes surrounding adoption are constantly changing, the book is no longer current and therefore not available for purchase.

Adoption Consulting Services.  Lil Snee is engaged solely in the profession of adoption consulting.

Lil Snee is not a private or public licensed adoption agency, licensed counselor or psychotherapist, attorney, law firm, adoption service provider (ASP), investigator, nor a social worker.

Lil Snee does not place children for adoption, only the expectant parents or birthparent/s, a licensed adoption agency, or licened attorney may "place" children for adoption.  State laws vary concening who may "place" a child for adoption.

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