Essentially, there is such a wealth of information shared concerning the expectant mother/father and the adoptive parent/s before fees are submitted and phone and/or face-to-face meetings are conducted, that it is reasonably expected that a commitment to an adoption plan will occur at the time of the phone call or a face-to-face meeting.  It is rare that the parent/s and the adoptive parent/s decide not to proceed with a mutual adoption plan commitment at the time of the phone call or a face-to-face meeting.
The adoption professional might arrange for the mother and the client to have conference call with him/herself and the mother/father before paying any fees, while some ask for a retainer, sometimes partially or fully refundable. Each professional defines his/her own protocol. Most are very reasonable and flexible concerning this.
AdoptLink has no control over the fees and/or policies of any adoption or medical professional.
  1. AdoptLink Application - unsigned Word doc. file
  2. AdoptLink Consulting Agreement - signed pdf file
  3. Profile booklet - Word .doc or pdf file. No PowerPoint files, and no letter with photos embedded into the body of an e-mail message, please. 
  4. Homestudy report and all updates (all must be signed and dated) and the agency license - pdf file
  5. Color images of photo identification (valid/current driver's license and passport) of each adoptive parent
  6. Criminal Statement Record (signed) if you have ever been convicted of a crime - pdf file 
  7. How to Proceed - Statement of Understanding (this document) - pdf file
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