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State-by-state listing of licensed adoption agencies1     Best site ****
State-by-state listing of licensed adoption agencies


State-by-state listing of licensed adoption attorneys1     Best site ****
State-by-state listing of licensed adoption attorneys


State-by-state information, concerning adoption law       Best Site ****
State-by-state information, concerning adoption law2
State-by-state information, concerning adoption law3
State-by-state information, concerning adoption law4

The summaries found on the above links are not always current!  If you can't find information about your state law on the internet, or want to receive current state code, you can get a copy of your state's adoption laws at no charge by contacting:  National Adoption Information Clearinghouse (NAIC)



I highly recommend that you purchase adoption cancellation insurance if you enter into an adoption planthat involves non-refundable professional fees, travel, and birthmother financial assistance.

When available, this insurance policy can be obtained through Art Adams at MBO, 1-800-833-7337 or 415-328-1400,if the adoption attorney or adoption agency you retain is eligible. The policy will reimburse you for eligible expenses when a birthparent terminates the adoption plan.

The plan requires that you buy your policy very shortly after you make an adoption plan commitment. Therefore, if you are interested in insurance protection, you must inquire immediately. Remember, any financial assistance you provide to a birthmother is, by law, considered a charitable contribution (not tax-deductible).

You have no legal recourse to be reimbursed any amount money from the birthmother if she withdraws from an adoption plan. The adoption insurance may be your only opportunity for financial recovery.



Increasing numbers of forward-thinking corporations now offer adoption benefits as part of their employment benefit package. Corporations such as Apple Computer, Inc., Coca-Cola, Gannett Company, IBM, Time Warner, Walt Disney Co. Wendy's International, and others provide their employees with time off for adoption financial assistance to adopt and other benefits designed to promote adoption.  These and other companies also offer financial assistance, some up to $5,000.00, to defray the cost of adoption.

If your company doesn't offer an Adoption Assistance program yet, now is a good time for you to present the concept for implementation!

Military members on active duty also may now receive reimbursement for up to $2,000 of adoption fees through licensed adoption agencies.


Learn what leave you are entitled to!  The entire federal code is presented here!


Code mandates that all insurance companies offer and provide dependent benefits to any child being adopted by the policy subscriber.  Learn how to make this dependent coverage effective immediately upon birth of a newborn!


Tapestry Books offers one of the best assortment of adoption-related books. Contact Tapestry Books and request a free catalog that categorizes the books by subject and age groups. The catalog contains an excellent summary of each book available.

I highly recommend that you purchase a reference book entitled "Adopting in America" by Randall B. Hicks, Esq., published by Woedslinger Press. It is an excellent resource for prospective adoptive parents and contains a state-by-state review of adoption procedures. The information contained in this book may be quite valuable to you when you might be speaking to birthmothers in a variety of states. (No reference book should be substituted for actual legal advice or representation) This book can usually be found in a local bookstore, or you may order it for $13.95 plus S&H from Tapestry Books.

Touched By Adoption is a new adoption short-story book, published by Matthew Blair, Canada.  The book has been well-received by many in the adoption community because it's written by adoptees, birthparents, and parents who have adopted children. It tells the story of adoption from all points of view and gives lots of different perspectives, all in one book. Visit the web site and have a look... it makes a great gift and can be ordered directly from the site!


State-by-statelisting of addresses and phone numbers, etc.


Please, make yourself well-informed about drug use during pregnancy before you automatically decline any adoption situation. You'll be surprised at what you learn! Contact a Teratology Information Service location in own state or area, and learn the facts.

Teratology is the study of the effects that drugs, medications, chemicals and other exposures may have on the fetus.

You may learn that the drug-use situation may have minimal or no known effects on the child. Or, with the information you gather, you may be able to make a concrete decision not to pursue a situation where it is clear that the drug use will impact the child in a way you are not willing to accept.


  If you need financial assistance to adopt, The National Adoption Foundation Loan Program offers private, unsecured loans up to $25,000 to adopting parents. The annual percentage rate (APR) is currently 13.9% which is very competitive compared with similar unsecured loans of 18.9% APR to well over 20% APR. To find out more about the National Adoption Foundation Loan Program, contact the MBNA Bank Contact them at 1-800-448-7061 (no e-mail service available).

  Remember to call your credit union too, as they may offer comparable unsecured loans.

  Adoptive parents also finance their adoptions by arranging no-interest or low-interest loans from family and friends. Others use their credit cards to borrow cash, or pay expenses and fees with checks provided by their credit card provider.

  Ask your employer if the company offers an adoption assistance program. Some companies provide generous benefits, giving up to $5000.00 cash toward adoption expenses.

  Take advantage of the Federal Income Tax Credit for eligible adoption-related expenses.
     See this site too for further information!

  Announcing the availability of the 3rd Quarter 1998 Employee Benefits Basics issue on Adoption Assistance Programs from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP).  This issue covers information and referral services, adoption leave, financial assistance and estimated annual direct cost to provide financial assistance. To order "Adoption Assistance Programs", call the Publications Department at 1-888-33-IFEBP, option 4.   Or, e-mail    The IFEBP is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing benefits-related resources on all employee benefits issues.


Learn how to construct a profile letter with photos that will represent you well.


Learn how to apply for adoption subsidies, renegotiate existing subsidy benefits, or to file appeals for adoptions already finalized.  Click here for additional information and  adoption subsidy help.


Commercial transportation, air, car rental, accommodations. Call and ask for discount programs for travel related to any aspect of adoption planning. Simply tell them that Lil Snee from AdoptLink referred you.

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