Available Domestic Adoption Opportunities
Adoption professionals throughout the United States are assisting the potential birthmothers presented on the AdoptLink grid. The professionals either do not have an existing client base to satisfy the requirements of the expectant mother, or their client base has no interest in these particular opportunities.

These professionals, primarily private licensed adoption agencies and American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA) adoption attorneys, have asked AdoptLink to present these situations to prospective adoptive parents (PAPs) with the hope that a match can occur through this networking effort.

When a potential birthmother presented on the AdoptLink grid cannot be successfully matched with any waiting family within the adoption professional/s own client base, I present the situations on the AdoptLink grid to the general public for review and consideration.

On occasion, potential birthmothers may contact AdoptLink directly. However, nearly all available opportunities presented by AdoptLink are provided and managed by other adoption professionals who charge fees for services rendered in connection with that adoption situation. They do not "give" or "sell" situations to AdoptLink. In order to pursue any adoption opportunity provided by and/or managed by any adoption professional, adoptive parents must retain the services of AdoptLink and the managing adoption professional/s. If you are currently working with an agency or attorney, services will be coordinated. 

AdoptLink participates in an independent Advanced Advertising program. I personally interview the expectant mothers available via this program.

The AdoptLink grid provides a brief representation of each available adoption opportunity. Contaft me to request background information concerning the opportunity. All information is provided by the managing adoption professional, based upon interviews and with each birthmother and the completed questionnaires the mothers submit.

AdoptLink does not perform investigative services and cannot corroborate the veracity of any information received.

Use the buttons below to obtain comprehensive information on the AdoptLink program! Most of your questions will likely be answered! AdoptLink is a worldwide service.

Review the grid carefully each time you visit this site. Although the information may appear to be the same at first glance, there may be more information offered, such as gender of child and revised adoptive parent preferences, etc.!


AA = African American (Black)

Anglo = Caucasian (White - all ethnic backgrounds [not including Hispanic] such as French, German, English, Irish, Welsh, Danish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian, etc.)

Hispanic or Hisp = Hispanic (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Portuguese, etc.)

Asian = Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, etc.

NAI = Native American Indian

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